Absolute hysterics

In absolute hysterics 

My heart rebels

Unable unwilling unsure

As the days become



My Mom& Me

There is not enough time

In the world

To wish i had loved you more

All the tears that have fallen

Were wasted before today 

As i watched you last night

Slowly pass away

I love you Mom

I will miss you terribly 

Dear God,make me A…

A bird so that I may gracefully exit
The hazards of man.
A stone so if I’m ever broken my pebbles may change
The face of the land
Or perhaps the wind God
Whose sound can drown out screams
Lay waste to cities and mountains
Yet at times bring people together
I’d like to be almost anything God
But Human.
Humans don’t seem to be inherently good
Our egos starve our compassion
Outwitted,out done,and out classed.
One reprehensible act met with moral outrage at best leads to greater ratings.
To say with certainty people can change. But not me because I’m right,not them,depending on the uniform I wear.
You see God,if I were a bird
People would morn me. They would spout poetry and sorrow for my passing
More so than each other due to the color of skin
If I were a stone there’d be no feeling to nurture me praise me or hurt me
I would last even to dust in spite of the world around me…
Maybe not God,that seems a bit too human.

Searching for Word Gods,Under My Quilt

Some may say the end is near
April 9th is the day
Or so I hear
Maybe it’s time for
Personal reflection
To quiet and still
Some loss or rejection
Perhaps there’ll be tea
Or crumpets or biscuits
But sadness is sadness
And hiding won’t
Fix it
Better one tries
If only to fall
With feet on your legs
There’s a chance you will
So shake out your Quilt
And fold it just right
But keep it on hand
As we can’t help but write
It’s in our blood
Words ring in our ears
They tell of our hopes
Our joys and our fears
Words echo in song
And last through the ages
Grant us their strength
And release us from
Sad is the time
When words have no words
To express how they feel
No meaning left
Unable to heal
Only the Word Gods
Can bring give back
The gift
Restore rhyme to reason
Cement the rift
May the Word Gods. Bless you
And keep you
Till the words of your soul
Spring forth anew