I will not miss you

To your face

Or whisper i love you to fill

The silence

Once you left

I fought to hold your shadow

Already knowing in my heart

There was no room for me in yours

Alone i dangled

Like a fool

At the end

Of a single thread


Almost at last

I shed my last tear for you

It held no meaning

As it slid down my cheek

I barely remembered

Why i kept it so long

Until i breathed in a lie

You made me believe

Tasting salt on my lips

My Mom& Me

There is not enough time

In the world

To wish i had loved you more

All the tears that have fallen

Were wasted before today 

As i watched you last night

Slowly pass away

I love you Mom

I will miss you terribly 


I followed the footprints

Late into the night

Not thinking to count the stars

Under the gaze of a watchful shadow

That was cold as a prison wall

Alone I reached to touch his cloak

Unable to find it’s hem

He ushered me into it’s depth

As thousand fingers caressed my tears

That stained the fabric as they fell

He turned only once

And whispered into my ear

You should have taken a different path

As I began to disappear