Elephant in the room

It wasn’t quite clear

when she spelled love

With a u

but she said it

her good bye

seemed lost as she turned away

but I heard it

her kiss left me wanting

but I felt the weight of her lips

and not the corner of her


she didn’t turn as she

walked away

hurt trailing  off her

like the smell

from an elephant trapped

in a room too long

the circus has  finally left town

and all I could do was wave




Oh please 2015,not again!

2015 has shown itself in snippets thus far as I continue to make rapid circuitous motions while still chasing my tail.
Holding on with both hands minus the fingers I have crossed is a talent I’d rather not continue developing.
Albeit the financial,spiritual and mental acrobatic paces that keep me employed by Universe’s great circus lend me great experience of the age old quip,”God never gives us more than we can handle”.
However, if it’s all the same to you 2015,I’d much prefer a chance to take a breathe and reconnect with all the many reasons I have to be grateful.

A Dad’s winter reverie

The snow had begun to make it’s way to earth before night took it’s hold.
It made him feel as if the peace he felt as the huge flakes landed on his tongue was possible even in the darkest reaches of the planet.
Wrapped in the chill of twilight’s silence was deafening.
He reached out attempting to touch it. Weighted and thick he imagined it soundlessly crunching as his hands clasped and shaped it into perfect ball. It’s duff drifting through his gloved fingers.
Winter’s vacuum seemed to seal off time, which made him wish his kids were with him as minutes seemed to move in reverse magically creating more time together.
But alas he could only nestle in the loving warmth his reverie created.
Smiling as he drew back his arm taking careful aim at the old oak. It’s limbs now dressed in a brand new snow jacket and let fly his hardened ball of icy silence without even a whisper as it blasted against it’s armored trunk.
Not even his laugh could be heard as he turned for home,a final look back just to make sure the oak tree didn’t return fire.

Where once a seed planted

Where once a seed planted
So surely a tree grew
Twisted at times
Through the changes and years
But also straight and true
It’s leaves gave shade in summer’s glare
It’s stories told at autumn’s table
To those who would pay heed
Now laid bare at winter’s feet
It’s strength gave hope
For another day
And though now felled
It’s bounty is shared
By all who are drawn to it’s
Goodbye my dear friend
Thank you for your service