Follow through

Got my certified letter yesterday.
After I went to retrieve it..
Yesterday was the second time I’ve been to the courthouse in 3 weeks. A lovely drive,but at these gas prices I could manufacture lovely a bit closer to home.
I do enjoy all the hustle& bustle of small town USA court houses. Yep seen a few of them. Albeit for less worthy causes.
There were so many amusing turns of events it’s hard to make them believable to you,however routine I have come to find them…
I state my business to a very helpful and kind woman,who proceeds to go in search of this letter,now a part of an open and active case. Unable to find it,she enlists the help of a colleague. Now two people are searching. Still unable to find it they ask the Magistrate,who in turn,is completely uninterested in their quest. I know this and more,can I can see and hear everything going on due to the positioning of the 3rd floor. which also made me privy to a case related conference call between the Magistrate and and another attorney,as well as the Magistrates person opinion of this case both to the attorney and himself after disconnecting the call.
Now over 20 minutes into what I
thought to be a simple cut and run,I was rewarded with a 5 inch file containing everything recent,recent,recent(3 times for emphasis), in our case. And told to go ahead and find what I was looking for,just don’t leave the building with it…
My eyes crossed,grateful I had a full charge on my phone&plenty of room for pictures. Wishing I had a hand scanner..
Several minutes later thinking I have what I’m looking for,and plans for a return research expedition I return the file,minus the 10 pages I felt were key.
Now 45 minutes into this foray me kind assistant returns to tell me imts actually 28 pages,28 pages,28 pages( again for emphasis). Wtf?! 28 pages? I only had 20$,they charge for copies.
Man,this shit is expensive.
My last check,minus health insurance and child support was 328$. That’s after 80 hours(2 weeks).. I am sssooo broke..
So be it. I love my kids more than money,and with all the stolen time over the years and their ages I know I’m doing the right thing. I’ll never get that lost time back or be able to see them at this age again.
Sacrifices become choices when love’s involved.
Oh,the real kicker is at the end of it all the copies were only a nickel a page and they have to be remailed at Her attorney’s expense.Kinda funny.