Eye of a hurricane

When the future is uncertain
The questions are clear
Press on or turn back?

Simple in their brevity
Yet lacking in determination
All that does not succeed
Must end in failure

Press on through the doubt
The past is never where you left
Contrary and misleading
Clad in folly

Lend faith to the wind
Let it gain strength
Spiraling forth
Held in the eye of a hurricane


What,when,where,same same

I wonder what would happen
If I tried just a bit harder
If I put the wheels
In forward motion
Rather than frenetic
Oblivious to a better way
Pain being my barometer
Rather than the point
On a map to move
Away from
Willingness the mysterious direction
Success a distant land
In uncharted waters
Could I tour the world
In exotic fashion
Or at the very least
Not be late to work