I followed the footprints

Late into the night

Not thinking to count the stars

Under the gaze of a watchful shadow

That was cold as a prison wall

Alone I reached to touch his cloak

Unable to find it’s hem

He ushered me into it’s depth

As thousand fingers caressed my tears

That stained the fabric as they fell

He turned only once

And whispered into my ear

You should have taken a different path

As I began to disappear

Enough World,Enough

If only the world had corners

I would gather them up

Gently drawing them together

Then give it a most violent shake

Perhaps  several 

Loosening the dust and crumbs

Shaking out its spare change

And then toss it into the karmic laundry hamper

Waiting for wash day to arrive 

Hoping it won’t stink up the house

Be that as it may

“Be that as it may”,her voice softening as if losing interest in that particular thought. Glasses slipping down her glistening nose. The tears not yet dry on her beautiful face. She reached back to adjust the height of her pants,fingers curled under the waist band.It was a sure sign she was just getting started. I wasn’t ready for what came next.