I will not miss you

To your face

Or whisper i love you to fill

The silence

Once you left

I fought to hold your shadow

Already knowing in my heart

There was no room for me in yours

Alone i dangled

Like a fool

At the end

Of a single thread


Almost at last

I shed my last tear for you

It held no meaning

As it slid down my cheek

I barely remembered

Why i kept it so long

Until i breathed in a lie

You made me believe

Tasting salt on my lips

One way trip for a wounded heart

If there was a chance it could rain

I wish it would

Huge drops of acid rain

Straight off the California coast

Burning holes in everything it touches

Holes the size of the ones in my heart


Gone uncared for for too long


Only touched by harsh words and accusations


Not even the the saline liquid from getting pissed on

Can effect a change

Let the rain wash it away

Back into the sea 

With the rest of them

Oh please 2015,not again!

2015 has shown itself in snippets thus far as I continue to make rapid circuitous motions while still chasing my tail.
Holding on with both hands minus the fingers I have crossed is a talent I’d rather not continue developing.
Albeit the financial,spiritual and mental acrobatic paces that keep me employed by Universe’s great circus lend me great experience of the age old quip,”God never gives us more than we can handle”.
However, if it’s all the same to you 2015,I’d much prefer a chance to take a breathe and reconnect with all the many reasons I have to be grateful.