Hold on

Where stillness 

Of remembrance lies

The whisper of hope


Do not let your arms

Grow weary

Of holding on


One way trip for a wounded heart

If there was a chance it could rain

I wish it would

Huge drops of acid rain

Straight off the California coast

Burning holes in everything it touches

Holes the size of the ones in my heart


Gone uncared for for too long


Only touched by harsh words and accusations


Not even the the saline liquid from getting pissed on

Can effect a change

Let the rain wash it away

Back into the sea 

With the rest of them

Oh please 2015,not again!

2015 has shown itself in snippets thus far as I continue to make rapid circuitous motions while still chasing my tail.
Holding on with both hands minus the fingers I have crossed is a talent I’d rather not continue developing.
Albeit the financial,spiritual and mental acrobatic paces that keep me employed by Universe’s great circus lend me great experience of the age old quip,”God never gives us more than we can handle”.
However, if it’s all the same to you 2015,I’d much prefer a chance to take a breathe and reconnect with all the many reasons I have to be grateful.

Subterfuge and slang Too

If going nowhere was an actual destination
It’d be overcrowded
If nothing were actually the matter
You wouldn’t wish you didn’t feel it
Never is a long time
So it may actually happen
If you don’t own cows
They may never come home
So the advent of pigs flying is a bit obscure
However a sleepless night is most often that

A Dad’s winter reverie

The snow had begun to make it’s way to earth before night took it’s hold.
It made him feel as if the peace he felt as the huge flakes landed on his tongue was possible even in the darkest reaches of the planet.
Wrapped in the chill of twilight’s silence was deafening.
He reached out attempting to touch it. Weighted and thick he imagined it soundlessly crunching as his hands clasped and shaped it into perfect ball. It’s duff drifting through his gloved fingers.
Winter’s vacuum seemed to seal off time, which made him wish his kids were with him as minutes seemed to move in reverse magically creating more time together.
But alas he could only nestle in the loving warmth his reverie created.
Smiling as he drew back his arm taking careful aim at the old oak. It’s limbs now dressed in a brand new snow jacket and let fly his hardened ball of icy silence without even a whisper as it blasted against it’s armored trunk.
Not even his laugh could be heard as he turned for home,a final look back just to make sure the oak tree didn’t return fire.