Hold on

Where stillness 

Of remembrance lies

The whisper of hope


Do not let your arms

Grow weary

Of holding on


Where once a seed planted

Where once a seed planted
So surely a tree grew
Twisted at times
Through the changes and years
But also straight and true
It’s leaves gave shade in summer’s glare
It’s stories told at autumn’s table
To those who would pay heed
Now laid bare at winter’s feet
It’s strength gave hope
For another day
And though now felled
It’s bounty is shared
By all who are drawn to it’s
Goodbye my dear friend
Thank you for your service

Insidious Insanity

Man,this sucks. He hated this guy.
He wanted desperately not to be near this guy let alone stuck in the same tiny bathroom with him.
Trying to avoid staring into the pathetic eyes of a hopeless drunk.
The stark light from the bare bulb only accented the bursting tormented veins like a thousand purple and blue glow sticks zig zagging across his nose.
He wore the same trashy pajamas
And no matter how often he showered or what soap he used he just smelled like a clean version of stale sweat and cheap booze.
What a loser. What posses a person to plunge to such despair? Why does he do this day after day?
He wanted to scream at him. Wrap his hands around his neck and shake him until he either snapped to or snapped in two.
The anger rising higher than the man he could’t take his eyes off of.
But alas powerlessness again over took him.
And with trembling hands he wiped the steam from the mirror begging his reflection that this day would be different as he picked up his razor wishing it was electric.