Hold on

Where stillness 

Of remembrance lies

The whisper of hope


Do not let your arms

Grow weary

Of holding on


Be that as it may

“Be that as it may”,her voice softening as if losing interest in that particular thought. Glasses slipping down her glistening nose. The tears not yet dry on her beautiful face. She reached back to adjust the height of her pants,fingers curled under the waist band.It was a sure sign she was just getting started. I wasn’t ready for what came next.

Steadfast and Worthy

And if you chose to build 

A wall of love around me 

I would mix your mortar

 And stack your bricks

If you chose to build 

A wall of love around me

Just to tear it down

Gladly would I extend my 

Hands To aid it’s fall

Only to build it again


Its the act of building

That is love

Not the destruction

That is sorrow 

Build and build again

We stand together

In the end

The building will remain

Steadfast and worthy

Sheltering our hearts

Elephant in the room

It wasn’t quite clear

when she spelled love

With a u

but she said it

her good bye

seemed lost as she turned away

but I heard it

her kiss left me wanting

but I felt the weight of her lips

and not the corner of her


she didn’t turn as she

walked away

hurt trailing  off her

like the smell

from an elephant trapped

in a room too long

the circus has  finally left town

and all I could do was wave




Oh please 2015,not again!

2015 has shown itself in snippets thus far as I continue to make rapid circuitous motions while still chasing my tail.
Holding on with both hands minus the fingers I have crossed is a talent I’d rather not continue developing.
Albeit the financial,spiritual and mental acrobatic paces that keep me employed by Universe’s great circus lend me great experience of the age old quip,”God never gives us more than we can handle”.
However, if it’s all the same to you 2015,I’d much prefer a chance to take a breathe and reconnect with all the many reasons I have to be grateful.