The Art of Timing: A tale of procrastination

After a long and arduous fight with himself he had finally won, maybe.
It took forever to make his decision. First choosing a date and time, which month, day etc.
Every time he put his mind to it something came up. But he needed to make a stand. His health came first dammit. Until of course it didn’t. Other pressing matters of family,work,life in general would steal his resolve then a new round of dates and times and months and seasons.. Only this time they’d be tentative. No sense getting excited with the understanding he may have to reschedule again(again again).
So today was it,fin,final,last chance. It happened today,now!
He was smiling already looking at his calendar as he put the green dry erase marker down. He wished he had a red one too to make the star next today’s date and maybe a blue one for the exclamation points after the star but those had managed to find their way to the floor. He was pretty sure he saw them there yesterday too but instead of contorting to reach them he gently toed a little further under the table with his ratty untied sneaker.
Realizing for the 10th time he should get a new pair, which he’d need to do before he got started on his new health kick. There were a few stores not too far he could hit without losing too much time if he hurried.
It would only take a minute to grab a cup of coffee to aid him on his way. Turning toward the kitchen he vaguely heard what sounded like a green dry erase marker suicide leap to the floor joining his colorful friends and who knows what else under the table.
Oh well,they could hang out down there till he got back,after all,he wanted to stick to his game plan.
Closing the distance to the door he felt better already giving himself a mental Hi-5.
His phone began to ring…


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