The Royalest of Azure, A Modern Day Folk Tale

Once upon a long while ago. Much longer than a clock ticks there was a sky. Blue blue bluer. The most royal of azure blue even when it was midnight.
I wasn’t there then but heard the story of a moment, a conversation in a moment rather and a conversation that helped create the the Earth.
Before there were words there was wind. Before the rain there were clouds. Both never knowing knowing exactly what they or the other was for.
Wind,of course feeling more grandiose due to his ability to to change speed and direction up down and side to side. He often made it very difficult for the cloud.Calling him names. Saying he was and lazy and lacking motivation or structure.
In short they had an impossible relationship..
The cloud would wish every day the big blue vast would come to his aid,after all it was there even before the wind. Mouth the wind never complained or cajoled the Royalest of azure. And it didn’t have a start or finish. So who could say if It wasn’t lazy or had a purpose at all.
Poor cloud,he knew he was just angry at the wind. Just because he couldn’t fathom the Blue Bluer Bluest. Didn’t mean It didn’t give the greatest joy sharing It’s presence. It’s ranging hues and vastness made cloud feel as if It cared for him,just by providing him a home and enveloping him with It’s amazement.
Then the wind would pick up again. Swirling& whirling badgering the cloud. The rhythm of the winds agitation at these times generally sent the cloud into vapors but not this time He determined. Cloud just tried to be like the Blue when midnight. Undefinable, but flawless and flowing. The cloud instead became that blue,cool in it’s depth. The wind utterly confounded began to blow harder,only to see the cloud slip streaming in and out of the tirade. Slowly dividing himself through the winds gale.
The more the wind raged at the clouds insolence the more cloud released his shame and fear pushing it away from himself until he had left the wind to spit and fume which only made clouds wisps shimmer in the flowing night.
But wind would not be appeased,even into the the softening shades that His Royalness slowed to.
Losing his voice and momentum wind’s words couldn’t reach cloud who watched out of reach reeling his ethereal strands into great piles on piles rolling them into gigantic doughy masses filling an inordinate amount of the Blue Bluer Bluest. Becoming self conscious and certainly not wishing to be a space hog cloud sought out the help of wind as he was not hard hearted after all. As cloud finished his request wind’s nodding gently ushered
These new cloud formations through out Its vastness creating even more wonder and beauty across the great expanse.
From that point on wind has learned to whistle another tune and rarely blows a chance to share the sky with cloud holding him in such high esteem that wind is known to die down holding his breath in reverent silence admiring the the many faces and rolls cloud assumes as cloud has learned to listen to the wind as his mood darkens he begins to change his shape and color as warning to all that wind has some how gotten himself into twist and will soon be spiraling out of control..