The Strength of Scum

Been having a bit of a time the last few weeks.
Blahs,doldrums.. Dry,crusty
Restlessness,not totally depressed but
Reaching the point of those intermittent heart palpating panic attacks… A couple times a day..
Ever felt you wanted to jump out of your skin?
Not stop being you necessarily but wishing you could be you in that parallel universe where life is grand colors are more brilliant,and the rain causes everything to shimmer and grow with more vitality and beauty…
But never floods your basement or the front seat of your car when you wake up and realized the windows where still down after you’ve fallen asleep..
Ya,that kind of feeling..
It’s more like that foamy bubbly scum pads swirling all green and mysterious
Just outside of the waves as they crash into that majestic but fish carcass littered beach.
Never quite reincorporating back into the perpetual flow of the ocean’s tides.
But rather attracts the little debris and unnamed bio-fauna that makes you splash it away..
Rippling,churning,battling.. Cresting the Sweet Spot,almost escaping it’s limited dimension.
Catching yourself willing it’s release,it seems to look at you knowing your thoughts. A wave breaks and the foam curves into a smile,a large bubble collapses into a wink. Mocking me. Aware of my turmoil and mad confusion.Settling comfortably back into itself,returning to it’s foamy hydro-fauna base of operations. Telling me in multiple bubble bursting signals that.. Even when you feel like swirling misshapen directionless scum.
You can withstand the most merciless attack..


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