She’s gonna be pissed

The panic shot through his body like a tidal wave. Tubing around his undertow mind. Ripping through the house yet again. He was still sane
enough to know this was fifth time he had. Even looked behind the toilet twice. Thank God it wasn’t behind there. He made a quick note to clean back there soon. Unfortunately for him it was a mental note. Which had already transformed itself into a drop of rain in the ocean.
Technically he still had 15 minutes before he absolutely positively had to leave knowing now beyond the shadow of a doubt that minutes 6-8 always managed to sneak off from the other 15 to have some kind of separate adventure. Leaving him exactly where he was now,Panicland.
This week it was a phone charger last week it a shoe the Sunday before it was bigger than a shoe and a charger.. The Phone! How could he have forgotten.That was it,that infernal Mommy Phone. But no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t out wit the Universal Sock Eating Dryer Principle… Quietly acknowledging that That damn Murphy was an optimist.
Shit,he’d been looking so long at this point he’d forgotten what he was looking for “She” had taken such great care to chew him out for… Shit shit!! He could hear minutes 6-8’s plane taxiing down the run way. So be it. She’ll just have to contribute to Global Warming with her steamy piles of righteous indignation and condescension.
Heading for the door keys in hand he gave one more last look. His eyes rested on their stuffed animals tenderly and lovingly arranged on short sheeted beds and lopsidedly folded blankets of the beds his kids make on their own and with each other’s help. His nose detected the aroma of brownies they made a few short days ago wrapping a rich gooey double chocolate choke hold around his rising anger and resentment squeezing the breath out of his doubts and fears until they were lifeless. Trampled into dust. Love and laughter’s armored legions laying siege to gloom and folly…
Locking the door behind him on his way to pick up his kids for their overnight weekend already forgetting to worry about what ever it was that he was supposed to have forgotten to begin with as a smile began to lightly tip toe across his lips.