The Defendant and the Prodigal Dad

He had no idea who the old man was. Nothing seemed familiar from the frayed collar on his saggy and faded grey pinstripe suit, to the length of fingers as he lowered his hand.
Maybe his voice but then sitting 15 feet away the only words he could hear were, “I do”.
Every twisted nerve in his body had come to rest between his neck and his butt. Which just made it worse since he couldn’t keep his feet still, constantly jarring his guts. His lawyer told him to calm down every thing would be ok.
Whoever this old guy was ,his lawyer said was going to be my best friend. My ace in the hole
The mysterious masked man coming to save the day.
But there was no recognition,he still didn’t know who The old guy was.
Nonetheless, there he stood a witness for the defense. His defense.
As questions were posed the old man would wait,and listen almost visibly digesting the legal mumbo jumbo before answering in such a way one could tell right off rip he was a seasoned veteran of the system. The old man’s wet eyes and thousand yard stare rarely strayed far from the defendant who began to worry by looks of the old man that he may be hung over or even still drunk. Hell was he staring at anyway the defendant thought.
Causing another flood of jitters coursing through his body from stem to stern..
An odd saying. One of his Dad’s favorite sayings according to his uncle.
He repeated it to himself. Applying it’s accuracy to so many events in misspent life, which he totally screwed up, “from stem to stern”.
Words from a father he never knew. The dreams of a life with a man who never was.Resentments and anger built around the empty bleacher seats of games and school plays. The non existent knight in shining armor. No mysterious masked man,or Seal Team rescue..
Now this.. Who in the Hell does this old guy think he is?..

I will forever be grateful
To have made the choices
I have in order to be
There will never be a question of my love or loyalty to my kids.
They have helped me to become
The person I am and the man I want to be.
I love you love you all the time
Rees Kids