I love you Sonnyboy!

I keep my friends near
When I lay in my bed
A big ol’ stuffed bear
Right next to my head
A fierce grey wolf and lion
Their keen eyes scanning
With watchful glow
I keep my friends close
My mammoth and shark
To warn off the monsters
Somewhere in the dark
My doggies help most
When they nuzzle my neck
They my seem small
But I know that they’re ready
To give monsters Heck!
I keep a toy gun
Aimed at the closet
Cause monsters hide there
When I have to go
Make a deposit.
Sometimes I forget
And pee my bed
My friends never laugh
But remind me instead
That they have my front
And my sides
And my back
When I go to the bathroom
The monsters don’t dare
To attack
If I wet my bed
Once in a while
They say that’s ok
But they’re there to
Help me to
Not be afraid
They say,” just try harder”
“You can do it,you’ll see”
“Keep trying and trying”
“And tonight you won’t pee”!
The monsters may be there
By night and by day
But I’m getting bigger
Much bigger than small
And it’s better to fail
Then not try at all