Only cats have nine lives

What the?..
Waking up,eyes still gluey. So not ready for today.
Arms rising at a slothful pace. A well intended but feeble stretch. His feet not even on the floor yet, surmising that he must not be standing..
It wasn’t the chill of the floor that sent the shock wave to his foggy brain, but the wetness. In the dark in his state he couldn’t seem to tell. Granted it was mostly his tippy toes touching.
But he was certain,even in his reverie the floor was soaking wet.. More than that,flooded seemed more accurate now that he was flat footed and standing.
With the drapes still drawn, the room remained only light enough for faded shadows to be seen by the sickening greenish glow of his clock/radio.
His ears could detect the sound of his cat before catching a glimpse of the tracers left by it’s yellow eyes. He could also hear her throaty good morning meow as her tail loosed and slapped at the objects which scratched her favorite places.
The darkness was still unsettling as the cold crept up past his knees as he temporarily forgot he was still standing in 3 inches of water.
His eyes began to adjust finally as he reached for the hula dancer bedside lamp his ex had given him for a present he gratuitously accepted even though she had missed the date by a week,again.
He was glad she didn’t want to take the cat back though. It was nice having another heart beat in the stillness of his quiet little apartment.
Well mostly quiet he thought still reaching for the lamp.
He heard the cat as it landed with a crash on the night stand,apparently over shooting it’s mark in the darkness. Oh the irony he chuckled. Not realizing the clock/radio met the floor as his fingers began turning the now fully animated hula girl.