Streets paved with gold

The weather was the one thing they never considered. The plan had already been set in motion days ago.
The wagon was filled with all the needed supplies. Their pockets were as desperate as their desire to succeed.
After all,isn’t that what made this country great? Streets paved with gold’s what they were taught and today by God they were going to find out.
Hands held out one over the next in the tight circle of friends and brothers,” all for one” they whispered. Eyes locked on each other.
Together they mapped their coarse which,due to the previous nights thunderstorm had become exceedingly hazardous. The needed supplies taking more space in the wagon then originally thought leaving it awkward and over flowing causing them to lose precious time trying to negotiate through the mud and sludge left by the rain.
Not to mention having to avoid the darn peonies or whatever those stupid flowers were called mom just planted. And dad said the driveway was off limits since the last time when They forgot to clean up all the busted water balloons. Besides he said,fortune favors the brave… Or something like that anyway.
After what seemed like hours but probably closer to five minutes the young entrepreneurs reached the curb lawn,which would be the flagship of their soon to be legendary lemonade stand franchise.Making them the richest 6 year olds in the whole wide world,maybe even the planet!
If only a car would come along…


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