Baby’s First Adventure

As she lay on the cold slab coaxing her lungs to breathe through the pain the little ironies popped into her head.
From even just a few feet away a passerby wouldn’t even realize there were two bodies laying there.
Perhaps,she thought she only appeared like a rather large pile of forgotten donations.
The hustle and bustle of the regular Joe’s response to the first snow is about as funny as a lazy squirrel realizing the same thing,,me me me.
The squirrel thing made her chuckle raising more tears to chase the others down her soon to be numb face.
She was grateful the snow hadn’t picked up quite yet,although her eye lashes were beginning to have their fill. Even the pain of blinking seemed to raise her worry level.
She knew to bundle up tonight before she went out. It wasn’t too bad and she knew the brisk walk and fresh air would be just the thing for them.
Of course it would have been easier to drive the short distance to the store but she knew her little one was applauding her for taking the Greener,healthier choice. After all we all must do our part. Not to mention setting a good example for those who follow.
Smiling at her choice as she rounded the corner and finding what must have been the only patch of ice on the block.
Instinctively turning as she fell so as not to land on her swollen belly. Yet twisting her ankle and punishing her shoulder as she landed in the process.
Another chuckle for another irony. Now envisioning a turtle on it’s back,as the enormity of her 8 month roommate and soon to be joy of joys prevented her from righting herself too. More tears to join the marathon she thought.
As long as they weren’t freezing. She figured for a good sign. But now her tush was as numb as her ties had become several minutes before. Funny,they weren’t warmer too with the extra “padding” she’d put on through the months. A scream flew out of her as it snuck around her laughter at the shape she now sported with pride. The laughter albeit painful made her feel good all over,another fine example for the little nipper,smile even when it hurts.
The gentle kick reassured her all was well.
But now she needed to pee..