The black sock vs Piece of mind

When your piece of mind
Gets kicked under the couch
Nestling ever so sweetly next to
That missing black sock shrouded in dust bunnies worthy of gothic literature
That black sock you had visions of sewing only to realize at the time white thread was all you could find
And so you recognize piece of mind.
It lays to the other side of a single aaa battery which fell from shaking hands hurried by the end of a sit-com that was so bad you blamed it for the remote dying.
It too lay among random now but formerly crucial particles of plastic snap together blocks which would have finished the castle you were building to protect your fragile piece of mind.
Similar in shape and size to the piece of mind no one else looked for when you needed it but found after it narrowly escaped your pocket to avoid drowning in the wash.
But those pieces may all be laughing because the one you’re really searching for now. The mythic end all be all piece of mind you’ve lost this time just appeared. But it moved to some one else’s home in a neighborhood they’d call the cops on you for even dreaming of moving to.
Perhaps one day that illusive and traitorous piece of mind will return to you. But only to visit in the most regrettable times and only knock on your door asking for directions to somewhere you’ve never heard of…