Anal Glacoma

Jolly them along.
It’s a hand me down,pass it along kind of phrase.
It’s sort of a fake it till you make it -slash – act as if…
It was passed down to me by my Father just today.
It doesn’t mean I have to eat rainbows to poop jelly beans.
But rather I should smile at the white knuckle “F-U” roller coaster ride we call life.
Although for the last several months since our last court debacle I’ve been stunted,down, and border line pitiful.
Doom on me I guess.
My vision is impaired with Anal Glacoma.
I just can’t see my ass ever reaching the brass ring. Or even the imitation brass-dipped PVC tube ring..
At least not with out being Jollied along
Thanks Dad. Lots a love.