The sun will rise and set with or without my permission

While out one day in search of myself
I chanced upon a mirror
I passed a man who looked quite like me
To the clothes and the size
With the same colored eyes,
And awkwardly wearing my smile.
He gawked at me and I back him
Then he stuck out his hand in friendship,
Shocked at first and for short while
I marveled at his guile
Instead of a shake I began to quake and filled his palm with tears
Which were not met in kind
He tugged at his girth
As a true sign of mirth
When he used them to wash his behind

….. At times the things that seem so insurmountable are a but a moment in our lives.often our own worse enemy, forgetting the sun will rise and set another glorious day with or without our permission.
I love you love you all the time Rees kids.
Thanks for being my wonderful wife and for all the joy and meaning you add to our lives I love you Rosey!