Yes,that’s the life for me

I’ve heard it said
Long before I walked this Earth
My fate was sealed
My destiny preordained
That coincidence is just
A word chosen to regain
Alacrity in times of doubt
How droll the humor
Of imperious Gods
How callow their will
A fleeting waft of happiness
Trailed by the lingering stench
Of failure
I wonder what I must have been
Thinking when I said
Yes,that’s the life for me!
No wealth measured in dollars
No success to follow the years of
No children to hold to my quaking
As I sob
The day’s a foot
The race continues
The Gods swirl the cauldron
In which I stew
Among the scraps and
Hand me downs
Yes,that’s the life for me
Another gasp
A deeper the breath
Longer the fight
Another day
Holding on with both hands
Giving it one more go
A shout in the darkness
To chase the monsters away
A sheepish grin to fool the fools
Yes,that’s the life for me