Can lawyers survive a zombie apocalypse?

So much of the time all I can hear is the “wawa” noise,Charlie B’s teacher makes when she speaks.
My attention span not with standing.
Periodically Words seep through my mental cracks but I wonder if it’s only because they’re mine. Challenged by the chaotic austerity of others desire to be who they most want you to believe they are.. More,proper,composed,decisive..
WaWaWa the last thing they wish you hear as their Flechettes of condescension hail down upon you.
Invoking a full body -head lolling -eye rolling -mental yawn,not stopping until a single glistening strand of drool completes the mockery and distain as reward for their magnificent pomposity.


7 thoughts on “Can lawyers survive a zombie apocalypse?

  1. I have liked this because you are my buddy but there are too many BIG words in it for me to fully understand it.Thanks for continuing support you are a true friend x

      • Decided I can’t be you or like the top poets at poetry evening, I am just me and I have formed good friendships on here and at poetry evenings.I like my stuff to roll from heart, dictionairys for the clever kids !I would so love to ride the horses again

      • Yes, there wasn’t a lot of poets in so I was asked to read twice, it was good practice as I am a beginner at reading my poetry out loud.Thanks for asking.I usually don’t go out other than poetry nights but one of the poets is in a band and I am going to watch him tonight.Enjoy your day x

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