Familiarity, where the past meets the future

Family. Familiarity.the old adage tells us we can never go home again. But there is no disguising familiarity. Familiarity is a place in your heart. A recognizable feeling. A myth you have written. A tale that’s all yours. Even the spine tingling Déjà vu has it’s roots in familiar soil.
Familiarity is the compass rose to safety and often trails along similar paths.
As our children grow we follow their changes. Their little voices finding their tones and speech patterns experimenting with the words they learn.Their cleverness and imaginative stories. But we always know their voices. The tears and giggles and laughs.
As they become stronger and even hairier we know their touch.
As our parents knew ours.
Perhaps the past is best left in the past. But life is a series of memories, born of emotion,choices and experience. We are what we are and become what we do.
Familiarity can be viewed as mundane,common,sometimes boring.
Same old leftovers in the fridge.
Same unkept closet. Never enough space. Never enough money,time,blah blah blah…
In the span of life,as short or as long as it may be, remember what counts,
Remember those precious moments for one day you may not have the choice to.
Familiarity gives a chance to begin again in a more purposeful direction. Allows us the opportunity to side step pitfalls, redirect our words and actions.
Albeit at times a double edged sword it gives me hope.


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  1. You have never turned your back on me much appreciated, it is poetry evening tonight anything can happen but I’m not quitting going x

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