Faith is a word jumble

Sometimes my faith is just a jumble of letters bloated and spent from consuming too much of the worlds geo-political junk food. Crumbs of social inequality spilling down the front of my economically imbalanced stained t-shirt. Wading through the new media catch- phrase sound bite commercials of wasted language masquerading as conversation. Only to realize it’s not just my Judeo-Christian Knights of the Round Table upbringing but also my self-seeking side glancing spiritual guru Neanderthal nature that even permits me to have my letter jumble faith.
Whether or not it’s slipping into a pre-diabetic food coma of bullshit.
I believe because I do. I love because it feels better than hate. I believe because I have the capacity to hope.My forgiveness at times in short supply. But I operate on the 24 hour cycle of life which allows me more latitude to change for the better. Due to the simple fact that negativity won’t increase my profit margin or my prime time ratings.


5 thoughts on “Faith is a word jumble

  1. With you all the way on this piece of writing.Well said you x ps I have ‘come out’ using my real Christian name on all my sites. Can you adopt me please I need a dad and good role model

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