Who Me? Doing Fine

Doing fine thanks.
Nope,nothing’s wrong..
It is what it is,ya know..
All good here.
Pick one, or create one. We all have our favorite way of saying,”it’s none of your bee’s wax what’s up with me”.
I personally,have a slew. My favorite one is the most simple. F-Off! Of course I pronounce the missing letters.
Perhaps there’s a lack of trust. Perhaps it’s more because I’ve already weighed the percentages and the results are the same.. I know what’s bothering me, I have a problem with acceptance, be it people places or things. That’s my bad. I want what I want when I want it. No sense singing the blues if it’s just a case of my being full of shit.
Don’t misunderstand,there a definitely things that need to be shared vocally,honestly.
After all,I’m not dispensing advice,just clearing a portion of my brain so I can return to being Fine.