An Apology,a poor replacement for truth

Talking ain’t doing
Almost doesn’t count
I’ve never thrown a horseshoe
Or a hand grenade
Nor have I ever done government work
But I’m pretty sure
I’ve been close
I’ve never had all the answers
Or even a few
But I think if like to try
To put an effort into
Finding a solution
A path to satisfaction
I’m even ok with contentment
Because I know I’ve been lost
And I couldn’t find my way

When times are tough I tend to shut down. Use sarcasm rather than constructive and clear language. Make a joke when cliches and euphemisms are poor replacements for truth.
I’ve heard people say,” if I can help you I will,if I can hurt you I won’t.” Sometimes I forget that. And it’s usually at the worst time. I always remember after I’ve caused hurt instead of providing help.” Talking ain’t doing”,and apologies “almost” never last. Being “close” should refer to intimacy and trust. Not a matter of distance. Trying is trying though,and I think that counts, maybe..