Vertigo Arms

How sweet is the smile
Before veiled thoughts
The shining fruit of substance
Full and distended
Is the belly of tolerance

How loving the sound
Before lies avail
The circuitous motion of song
Deafening the ears of disbelief

Senses slumber in ignorant bliss
To all the ways love can make one
Winded by acceptance
Exhaustion fails to heed
The swooning passion
Of being swallowed
In your Vertigo Arms


3 thoughts on “Vertigo Arms

  1. Hello,you been really kind to me, I’m just watching British soaps,not done it for 18 months feels so normal and peaceful,I am seriously thinking of giving up my blog and possibly writing also,just wanted to say goodbye and good luck if I do.I prefered the life I had before I went on the poetry scene 22 months ago.You are a great guy hope all works out for you,love and hugs Alex x

    • You’ll be missed,by me and I’m sure many others as well. I wish I knew the magic words to heal you. It would be the least I could do for all the support and friendship you’ve given me.
      Only you have the power to choose whether you stay or go. You’ll have my respect&gratitude either way. Many thanks& much love,Madds.(a nick-name you gave me)=>

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