If I can be there, I will

Click click click
The hammer draws back
The subject changes
The results the same
Click click click
Sight in, Aim, let ‘er rip
The tears flow
Smiling and proud
My heart pounds
Experiencing the joy I feel
As Mykidsdad

I had the pleasure of experiencing such a moment today.
The planets aligned in a gracious order.
Allowing me enough time to see a part of my little girls chorus concert.
I made no promises last night when she told it was rescheduled for this morning at 9:30. I only said,” if I can be there I will”.
And I was.
She waved and blew me a kiss when she saw me,standing at the door of the gym as I had just left work and was due back before too long.
As it was her classes turn to stand she stood last as we were sharing our moment of waves and smiles and kisses floating through the wind.
I cried,grateful for another reason to be mykidsdad.
I love you all the time Rees kids!


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