It’s basic math combined with curiosity and late night thinking.
iPhone + Word search games x Wikipedia = Quagga.
Quagga is an extinct species of plains zebra.
Why that’s a search word or worthy of Wikipedia is above my pay grade. But the curiosity of the word, words in general = curiosity. Learning mixing and matching, stringing them together is a riddle worth solving. A pop quiz, final exam or to an extent an equation.
Whether it’s a word problem; how many letters to make the proper word to equal how many words to procure a result? Perhaps a theorem; an idea or statement generally accepted, worthwhile without proof. See what I did there? More basic math.. I divided the definition subtracting words then re applying them to generate a desired out come.
Words hold universal truth. And in certain order confound and manipulate that truth to suit one’s own purpose. Cliches,euphemisms, even fables for instance. Although fables have morals and not everything or everyone does. It’s all part of a story,mine, yours, written or yet to be written.
So do the math, don’t let your proverbial Quagga become extinct.
Because universal truth can be diluted into rule of law and we all know laws are subject to the will of man.



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