Not just a calendar date

I’ve begun to say that my kids could have fun in a paper sack.
Not that I’ve shoved them into one to find out mind you.
But the way they find joy and amusement is inspiring.
Yesterday was the first time we spent together since the end of winter break. Some what unseasonably warm although we love in North East Ohio which means the weather is as predictable as..
Well,just say we have strange weather patterns. No conspiracy implied..
But due to this fine and fair day we pulled the bikes out of storage,dusted off the tennis racquets and still managed to play a bit in the remaining snow.
Chit chatting and catching up on their daily news. Hearing them laugh,seeing them utilizing their strengths and weaknesses,encouraging each other and enjoying just being themselves. I may gripe about our situation but I truly am a blessed and grateful Dad!
The best part of the day was when they discovered our Christmas tree,as it had not quite found it’s way to its final destination.
Insisting we put back up so we could decorate it using any available items,rubber and bracelets,empty cups,etc.
The joy of Christmas and family not being lost in a calendar date is priceless.
These are the kids I have the pleasure to be the Father to.
And even in when I’m mired in the depths of all the bullshit,they amaze me with their resilience and love of life.
How lucky to be me.
I love you all the time my Wonderful Specials!




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