The Long Con

My buddy Roo calls it The Dangle.
I call it just plain crappy.
The Dangle is a loosely termed phenomena in which the primary custodial parent has the ability to with hold,cancel and otherwise revoke visitation. There is seldom if ever a reasonable time put in place for this to occur. In essence it could be a day or more but not relegated to within an hour or even minutes before informing the non custodial parent their visitation has been cancelled.
The reason could be as innocuous or as threatening as custodial parent may wish as it most often has little bearing in the courts eyes.
The Dangle can also work in the opposite however.
This occurs when the PCP(notice my choice of initials), let’s you know with little notice in order to see your kids you must stop,drop&roll or the deals off.creating a tumultuous rise of emotions ranging from joy to guilt to fear to elation. As any time with my kids is prescious.
Therefore,a sense of constant distrust and borderline paranoia is created. But hey,the plus side is,after w6 years of this one may actually reach a state of hyper preparedness as well as a phone-book thick file of dates,times,occurrences,excuses,lost vacations,visitations,the non existent make up time. That the courts seem to regard as petty of your part and of small consequence since,
A) you are non custodial parent
B) have a penis
And if there is ever mention of this phenomena, it is almost instantly carried away on the gentle and bashful “aw shucks” breeze of batted eyelashes.
Resembling more of a Long Con than a phenomena.



9 thoughts on “The Long Con

  1. I know it must be tough for you but you need some back up plans for each time she cancels a visit with your kids. I can feel over the web it is tearing you apart,well that is not fair or good for you.Make a new book especially for your kids, the day she cancels,just write mum cancelled today,keep that bit and your feelings for your ex separate from your kids,your kids will love yur ex regardless,then put in your book this is what daddy was going to do with you today,write them a poem or even a little story,take some pics,make a pocket money jar for them,put a little in each time she cancels then when you do get to see them take them on a day out.Then you need your personal back up plan,when she cancels say oh no not again,when can I see them,then go the gym or for a walk and focus on your beautiful wife bet all this is a strain for you both,you and the Mrs do stuff for yourselves,like the cinema,a walk,try and turn every negative into a positive,your kids will grow up,the more yu handle your ex better and get positive it will help you and when your ex realises she is no longer destroying you,she may become more amicable,love alex aka fredy x

    • Great insight. Right there w/you on most of if.i try to keep my side of the street clean,even w/all the bat shit dropping from her belfry,lol.
      It’s so important to have strong supporting family&friends
      Thanks Alex!

  2. I would have loved it if my kids Dad had wanted time with his children. I sorry this is happening to you, it’s wrong children are not objects to be with held to punish a parent.

      • My children are grown now, I use to tell them (as the made fun of him) that they didn’t get another father and they needed to make a relationship with him they could live with throughout there lives. The jokes were pretty funny and it was there way of dealing with the hurt.

      • I truly hope that for better or worse kids who live through this remember well if they ever find themselves in similar situations.. My kids are young& and all their wishing things were different makes me try harder to make it so

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