A Christmas Parallel

Tis the Season,family,friends,trying to be nicer,what not,you know what you do this time of year.
I’ve been hearing so much about Santa,who,I for one believe in. I have received too much not to.
See,He visits me all year!
I’ve also been hearing a lot about JC,you know the fella. I’ve even heard them mentioned in the same breath. Funny,certain times of year seem to be the only time these guys get talked about.
Now at my work there’s some talk about JC,a subject I’m not totally unfamiliar with. However,most of these conversations are based on a kind of Clift note bible knowledge. A cross between Cecil B Demille,Mad Magazine meets the NIV. Of course there’s nothing wrong with these in their parts but together they can be quite invocative..
I digress..
So I’m at work when I’m drawn into a conversation with these “hash-house” gospel slingers(no offense to hash houses or gospel slingers). In which the birth of JC is being discussed,with intermittent queries as to the origin of Santa,or do I dare..? SC? We’ll let their initial similarities hang for literary or allitory purposes..
It’s at this time the mother of all conspiracy theories jumps into my brain and out of my mouth faster than you can say,On Dasher,On Blixen,etc.
My thoughts are as follow…
Do we really know what came first the chicken or the egg? And,since the Internet, I presume,didn’t exist how can anyone really be sure that JC and SC had more in common than the initial observation. An immaculate birth/miraculous presents. Walking on water/finger to nose,woosh down the chimney. Both took a short hiatus between reemergence,SC’s a bit longer of course.
Apostles/Elves. Really? Too coincidental? Perhaps. And then it hit me! The fateful night and the North Star,maybe it wasn’t the North Star after all. The geography or better yet the weather my not have permitted It to shine so bright that particular evening,but the story of Rudolph seeped into my brain and his unimaginable importance on one particular evening. Maybe the shepards and the Wise Men where actually guided by the glow of Rudolph’s amazing nose! Maybe the importance of SC’s journey that night was to deliver the most time honored and precious gift of all! After all SC was a pretty awesome present wrapper and wasn’t JC wrapped in swaddling clothes?
Even the concept of SC’s naughty/nice list to JC’s omnipotence and teachings of love and generosity are somewhat parallel! Not to mention they both had beards!
I contend,that the similarities are too great to go undocumented.
And to go one step further.. The noticeable commercializations of both Christmas and the religion bearing the first syllable of the aforementioned.. Hmmm.
It does stand to reason…
Any way,Happy Holidays,Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
May your beliefs and your love bless you and keep,as mine do.
Ps. If you’ve chosen to take offense for any reason other than the length of this post. I wish you a speedy journey back to the real world where this post is of little consequence and you have more pressing matters to tend to. Peace on Earth,Good Will Toward Man(Person? People? Eachother?)!!




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