Found under-my-quilt

Thank you FredyMalarky!!



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  1. Only just seen this,glad you found it.I’m going to reblog it as I love it.I’m shattered I keep taking your advice of getting out and doing something.Been tesco twice,walked the dog and made 5 more floral arrangements.So thank YOU for your advise.Having a re think about which verses to blog and which to keep private :)Oh and mum fell at weekend so been hands on looking after her 🙂

      • Mum is ok thanks but she has fallen alot this yr,think it’s best I don’t let her go out on her own in future.My son decided against the job,he had my support he still suffering depression and he needs to focus on his acting course.I’m touched you remembered,thanks

      • It’s a good industry to be in. I’ve done some amazing things during my 25yrs of service. But it does take focus,date I say acting may help channel his depression in positive wAys.. Too bad about mum,mines getting up there in years. But she’s got incredible tenacity. Make sure you’re staying well too though! They need you!

  2. Perhaps you shouldn’t call a guy an angel,only for fear of offending you but you are one angel,lets hope good stuff comes both our ways in 2014.You are right about acting,he only on foundation course for a year,we hoping he does well enough to get on the degree course Sept 2014.When he is at acting school he is fine,we all struggling to support him but he is well worth it 🙂

    • Cheers to 2014! You’re much too kind. I’m glad your son and you are finding outlets for your “long days”.. I’m told we can all “act” our way into better thinking.. Some days you get the honey,some days you get the bees,lol!

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