Perhaps tomorrow

I did not love with
Abandon today
I hardened my heart
And turned away
I will not forgive
What I’ve struggled
To keep
I put too much faith
In you
Mocked by foolishness


8 thoughts on “Perhaps tomorrow

  1. You will forgive one day,you just aren’t ready to.When you have gone through the painful process and come out the other side,that is when you will forgive and when you do and let your hurt stay in the past,you will move into a whole new world of happiness.How do I know,I’ve been there and got a million tshirts,you have to allow yourself to forgive,that is the first step

  2. Know what you mean ! Sometimes we forget to take our own advice.Seriously though my dad has been cruel verbally to me all my life,he is so bitter towards my mum for the affair she had,he takes it out on me as I protect my mum with a passion,but since we last chatted my dad have been emailing each other and I think I’ve helped him with his bitterness and we are getting on for the first time in 51 yrs.My dad even asked the authorities to take my kid off me,so if I can deal with that and finally forgive him 20 yrs later so can you.I have the same faith in you as you do in me x

  3. I was only 5 when my parents divorced, I’m only just coming to terms with it.Never could work out which was worst the victorian father or drunken step dad who hit my mum.My parents seriously f–ked up my life.The drunken step dad no longer in our lives,hasn’t been for 22 yrs he got sclorisis of the liver now !Look in your beautiful kids eyes and ask yourself are they worth forgiving for,I know the answer is YES without asking.You have an absolutely beautiful wife.You have to let the hurt go as you are only hurting one person and that is you.Leave the rest to God whoever he is,even if you have to wait what seems like forever ,trust me as I have trusted you x

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