The Burden of Truth

vic briggs

The boy who never grew up. The girl who never could.

“On June 26 1932 Alice opened the Lewis Carroll exhibition at Bampus, the London bookshop. Beside her was Peter Davies, the original Peter Pan.” Anne Clark


I am Alice. Trapped within the pages of a book perfumed with memories of childhood. No one wants to hear my story. They have inscribed the pages with their own. Nostalgia for days long past.

I grew up. I grew old. I lost a son in the war. Who wants to hear a story that debunks assumptions they hold so dear?

There is only one Alice and that Alice is me, but while I wither and die, that girl in a blue dress will be as alive to others as I was to Mr Dodgson when he first gifted me the manuscript.

Let it be a comfort to you that Alice should be forever sauntering around…

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