I’d be a whale

If wishes were fishes,I’d be a whale
Insulated from the cold,ambling through the open waters of life.
Eating as much as I wanted. No doctors no diabetes.
No divorce,or custody hearings..
Which is where I happen to be at this moment.
Awaiting the circus,bring on the clowns and the dancing bears! Which would be me second choice of animals,the bear,as of course clowns are not animals.. No matter the fear they may instill.
I’ve arrived early,shaved and suited.
My cleverness alludes me,I’ve become a quaking mass,the moral of the story has yet to be written. I fear there may not even be one. Persistence and diligence
are of little avail,I’ve already been informed I’ve fallen short of both by not working harder at trying to point a gnarled finger at my kids Mom.. That I should be forcing issues and created unrest. It breaks my heart..
If I where a Whale,I could swim away,leaving a mile high wake.
If I where a Whale,perhaps I’d feel no fear
If I where a Whale I’d gorge myself on fish instead of being too freaked out to eat..
Do Whales even get freaked out?
If wishes were fishes,I’d be a Whale..
I’d fill up my gullet
And leave the rest
Time would mean little
By age undefined
Flinging my tail
And riding the crest
Whales always appear smiling
Beguiling,in jest
On top of everything else,I just remembered Whales are mammals..
Damn,foiled again..



8 thoughts on “I’d be a whale

  1. Divorce is the worst for everyone involved especially those who didn’t ask for it. Saying it gets better isn’t true because it’s effects seem to go on and on. A person just learns to cope with it better and gets used to a new way of living. You captured the essence of it well.

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