Down but not out,thanks to you

The dark stands before me
The wind turns to gale
Hear the wolves cry
They’ve picked up my trail
How long can I last
With the strength I have left
A few miles more
But not much past
Where is my hope
Did I drop it in flight
Did run off ahead
To prepare for our fight
Not sure if I’ll make it
I reach deep inside
My fingers grasp courage
My feet find new stride
A light shines to follow
Bright through the gloom
It shines from the mountains
Just over the moon
It breaches my worries
My doubts and my fears
This light that’s been offered
By loved ones and peers.

I started this blog because I felt helpless and afraid.
Yet.I couldn’t continue to do nothing.
Any way,I just want to say thank you. Thanks All of You,my family and friends at home and here in the bloggasphere.
You’ve helped keep me going, you’ve shared your encouragement and hope with me. God knows I couldn’t do it alone.
Friday is the rescheduled court date to yet another trial in our 5 1/2 year custody saga. Although I have no control over what happens my fear grows my resentments rise my anger and frustrations push to the surface.
I’m mykidsdad.. And I always will be.
I love you Rees kids



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