Words and their Interpretation,a short list

I’m not sure I’m looking absolution.
However,to look at anything “clearly” in regards to child custody issues is naive.
Even something as simple as a word,take parent for instance,carries with it a preconceived mental picture. And words,
Let’s say Parent,when used in a positive connotation refers to Mother
Negative connotation,Father
Here is a list of words and phrases and their “interpretations”,not,Clearly,definitions..
Parent- see above..
Clearly- but,however,sometimes,never,in my opinion
Child Support- money you owe me as retribution,rent,lottery.. *especially in cases where the receiving Parent makes 3 times more than paying parent
Primary/Custodial Parent-the person who allows you to borrow,rent your own children
Best interest of the child/children- the systems way of saying they have no interest in pursuing the truth,deniability
Visitation- a guarantee you will be screwed out of seeing your kids sooner than later
Separate but Equal- a ruse used to placate a parent, in order expedite proceedings
‘Revisit- legalese for cut your losses,you can come back when you have more money for law services
Settlement- your out of cash,too bad so sad,be grateful you even got this far…
I have heard these words/phrases for the last 5 1/2 years,for me they are defined accurately…


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