Close to accurate

I’ve often heard,”don’t mistake my kindness for weakness”.. Fact
I might also add,don’t confuse my courtesy as a necessity..
Nor, my hospitality or generosity..
I prefer not to be “handled” or placated.
You do not have to treat me as an equal,as we are not. We are individuals,we are animals,we are humans. The equation infinitum. Same but different,never equal.
Although, respect will be paid, and given.
Your expectations may or may not be met. Which leads me to,have no expectations,I will not accept responsibility for your imaginary wrongs.
Don’t make promises you can’t keep and never say yes when you mean no.
It’s best to say nothing,if you don’t know or can’t remember,own it.
I can’t speak mind reader.
That’s why words were invented.
You may use the restroom,you may not shake my hand without washing yours.
Words when heated are socially acceptable. However,mind your words,choose your words as what society deems acceptable becomes more and more lax.
If I’m out of patience and understanding,please close your teeth. Your words have failed,you may want to move away quickly.
I try hard to maintain a certain out look on life,live and let live. There are limits.
I try hard to not react too quickly,but again,you may want to move away quickly.
Speaking clearly and distinctly does not mean yelling. Don’t yell,if you really want someone to hear you whisper. Besides you look like a douche.
And with all humility,if you can’t do it don’t pretend.
Just throwing it out there,do with this as you will



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