The All Seeing Eye

So as I continue to blog I can’t shake my ego. I Have to check my stats,often. They’re not huge numbers, but that’s not the point.
What I’ve been noticing is all the crazy far out places this lil blog from Asscrack,Ohio USA. Is being viewed!
I’ve been keeping a tally and I’m flabbergasted. It’s a surreal list. Canada,Spain,New Zealand,UK. Of course you say,but Australia,France,Japan? Sure sure, you might think,why not? Then I see The Netherlands,Costa Rica,Singapore.. Wow! I’m glowing!
And even Mylasia,Namibia,The Islamic Republic of Iran,Pakistan,and India. Don’t flip out if I attached your country too close to another you may not be fond of,please. Consider it my ignorance,or naïveté or better yet,detante!
Either way it’s really awesome! And yet,hard to believe. But I suppose it could be fake,or accidental?
But maybe it isn’t. In which case,am I being monitored? Would I, maddienmaxdad be of interest to a
certain,or any government agency?
I’d like to think they’d have better things to do but just in case.. Hi Gang! Hope you’re enjoying WordPress! If you’re looking for some really good blogs let me know! I definitely have some favorites!
Oh,and if you happen to run into any one from the IRS,I still haven’t received my income tax Return& it’s November..
I’m honored you like my stuff,but let’s get on the stick fellas,I’m mired in debt& the $ would be appreciated,thanks.
And,not to overstep,but if you have any pull with the Legislature how about doing some work on Father’s Rights. Pretty please?!
Any way,thanks for the great experience and the fun,I’m having a ball!




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