Attn: Cooks,Chefs,Foodies,and the Terminally Irresponsible

I had a close call at work this morning.
When making a sauce,a colleague inadvertently didn’t cook all the booze out..
I’m here to tell,there is such a thing as a
“Phenomenon of Craving”.
Please remember there are people on this strange blue planet who don’t drink on purpose and people who try very hard in order to Not drink on purpose.
You’re cooking,not bar tending,please be mindful.
Too much pepper,not enough salt? All is forgiven with some minor adjustments,as they say,” you can always add you can never subtract”.. Well imagine my chagrin when I had the feeling I wanted to Add booze down my gullet and Subtract all the wonderful things in my life I’ve been
blessed with since not drinking..
The coast is clear,but I got a reminder that so far I’m not cured.
It also reminds me as a culinary professional it’s not only my passion,my livelihood and my responsibility to to make sure I create,prepare& execute the best dishes within my power and ability to put smiles on your lips and tummies.
But it is my solemn duty,not to injure or jeopardize your health.
From all the years I’ve been in this business I’ve see the food borne illnesses, the allergic reactions,burns,cuts,spills,irresponsible handling,preparation… Call it the dark side of the industry no body wants to hear about cause it may effect their ticket times.
But this stuff happens at home too.
With all the tv shows and avid yet ignorant food fans who try to impress their friends with less than kindergarten culinary efforts..
There’s a lot to cooking,more maybe than most give it credit for.
But it has a most undeniable effect from paradise to poison…
If you don’t know the difference,don’t pretend.
Don’t let your ego upstage somebody else’s well being.
I am not now nor would I ever say don’t cool with booze. Just don’t be naive or uneducated when you do use it.
Seriously.. Don’t be a Dick..



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