Extra set of hands

You’ll never need to tell me all the things I need to know about the clock.
Hours in the day? F’get abawt it..
When all you wish you had was an extra set of hands..
Well I have them.
My boy,6, was a ball today. Cutting,yes cutting,potatoes for mashing,plopped in the water,not boiling,c’mon safety first!,and everything.
Beds made,things picked up,with time for some letter practice and bike riding before we went to swoop sister,(Maddie,thanks blogger Bday Wishes!).
Did I mention we also made chocolate chip cookies? Yep,he measured the Choco chips,portioned the butter,cracked the eggs& removed any shell without

instruction. Mixed,with an electric hand mixer,not soaking wet or with the chord wrapped around his neck,again safety first!
There are many instances of utilizing my extra set of hands,kids,wife,family.
To wit can be attached great lessons,academic,moral,physical,et al..
And I’m usually the one who benefits most.
It’s also an amazing and gratifying experience!
If you think about it,who would you rather be teaching your children? And what better way to bond and to let them get to know you?
If you ask the Heavens for help,you’ll get it,if you’re looking in the right places.





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