Rhetorical riddles

In the underbelly of life I’ve discovered the international pastime of most adults..
The chasing of the tail.
Strive,fail,live for today while struggling toward tomorrow, eat if you can,sleep when you can. The steady stream of life flows much faster than it appears at younger ages.
There’s never enough time,joy or energy.
It seems to occur in all walks of life,in both genders and I presume in the third gender as well.
Snatching minutes or seconds off the clock. Remiss of squandering these moments.
No time to be sick,suffer the aches and pains.
Obscured perceptions to the point where mediocrity looks like success.
The answers are riddles swarmed by enigma assailed by mystery..
“Oh,if I could just make it stop!”,” Can’t I please have 5 more minutes?”
“When Lord,When?”
I’m beginning to believe control is the absence of aspiration. In order to gain it you have to surrender it.
But if that’s the case,how do we enrich other lives?
Perhaps do away with control all together?
A tad chaotic,at least for me. However,some could view my life as such. It’s fair to say,we are all a part of everything,at our lives intervals we’re likely to connect be it directly,or not. The world gets smaller through space and time. I’m here,you’re there but we read each other’s words,see each other’s pictures, get a sense of each other. I guess today I’m not willing to forgo that contact for control. So I’ll point my sails to the wind and let God’s Will be done.



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    • G’evening,thanks so much for your kindness. I’m still so amazed when I see people from all over the globe reading things I’ve written and seemingly enjoy them,it means a great deal to me

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