Word Gods

Dear Word Gods.
Please see your way clear to watch over these fine men& women who share their thoughts and stories with this visceral novice.
Mr.G.,Opinionated Man,Miss Fanny P,young Christian Mihal,the crazy wine guys,the running woman who’s in recovery,Dcardiff who’s Gotta find a home you just made appear in my Reader,my friend Lance Zacher,and the other diligent writers I may have forgotten or have yet to run across.
Without them Word Gods, you may have been waylaid in a similar fashion to the guys on Mt. Olympus,who are now kicking beer cans around with not much more to do than recount lost tales of glory. So take a deep breath,your work is far from over.
Oh,and Word Gods, if it’s not asking too much,can you wave your magic pencil my way? If not the words,then perhaps just some well placed letters.
Thanks a bunch,
Ever faithful,



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