I think “They” have misrepresented Lady Justice. Perhaps it would be more suitable if instead of a blind fold she wore her Rectum.
As I most often feel she suffers from an acute case of Anal Glocoma.
A friend of mine posted something on FB that was for a Father’s Rights advocacy group.
It stated that 24 million children grow up with out their biological father.
I have no idea if that’s true…
But what I do know is, many fathers are shut out of their children’s lives.
Of course situations very. Of course there are valid reasons,but that Statistic is more damaging than insightful.
We are left with the notion that men are callous thrill seekers,cavalier,and sexually irresponsible.
I beg to differ.
If there is to be blame,share it.
Early on I contacted a similar organization,I had questions,concerns,and fears. I desperately wanted to be in my children’s lives.
Being a good Dad and a bad ex-husband,or “Baby Daddy” are as far removed from each other as I am to the furthest star in the heavens.
These groups,the I contacted in particular had the words,the spirit and what I was lead to believe,the fortitude to help in my efforts!
Until they learned I was in Ohio. See they only advocate in certain States. But they assured me they would happily accept my monetary donation all the same.
I still don’t understand why the Father’s in other States bear more importance than My Kids in Ohio,or why the Father’s there are more deserving.
So be it.
Be mindful of lions bearing gifts I suppose.
I surely don’t have the answers,but I do have love and determination. I have strength and willingness.
At times I even have Hope.
Legislation for Fathers Rights and Advocacy Groups be damned.
You are not stronger than my love.
I’m mykidsdad,and how dare you marginalize and relegate my feelings to geography!
How dare you generalize statistics with out disclosure?
How dare you make baseless promises for the greater good?
You do me and my family a great disservice.
Enjoy the day off Government.
Although,I for one don’t see much difference with or without you.