Bouts of Hypocrisy

Chew with your mouth open.
Run with a stick in your hand.
Shoot your eye out.
And above all..
When in doubt,shout until no one else can be heard.
A very short list of action items we don’t want our kids to do.
But how many of Us do them?
Even metaphorically?
There’s a brilliant piece called,
“When You Weren’t Looking”
That almost always raises a tear from me when I read it.
Parenting may not be an exact science but it is exacting.
The styles and words may differ but we all know the expectations we have for our children.
At what age if any do we become ok with the idea that how we are living is good enough,but expect more from others. Advise others,wish others would just get their shit together?
Ever found yourself in pissing match with your children and get the point of wanting to lash out?…Ever feel that way about that guy at work though?
Pride yourself on your integrity and honesty and then short change server at the restaurant cause you didn’t feel like waiting for change or didn’t want to part with a larger bill?
Look,integrity is like a “nick-name”,you don’t get to claim it. It’s up to others to suit you for it. It’s up to you to live up to it.
I ask myself these types of questions. And in the minutes between my next bout of hypocrisy I try to do the right thing..
How about you?
What would you expect from your kids?
Do you love up to their expectations?..