Standing tall before the Man

I continue to be astounded by the kindness of strangers.
For the past several years I’ve felt like I have had no less than two heads every time I cross paths with people who are familiar with my kids and their Mom but have not met me.
Although I have a propensity not to shave as often as a lot of Dads,I’m almost certain I don’t have any strange or foul aroma’s emitting from my person.
However, in all fairness, I may.
But something’s amiss,within the last maybe year or so I think at least 1 of my heads may have wondered off. Perhaps I’m just showering more but I swear things are changing..
I don’t rattle as much or often,I smile,shake hands,share and take initiative in matters that effect my kids. The staff at the school return smiles and pleasantries,they are attentive and forth coming with information and extremely helpful,much more so than certain others,ahem..
I can look people in the eyes and see less scrutiny and suspicion.
At times I’ve witnessed an almost physical change over come people when I’m with my kids, an aroma if you will.It smells a bit like your pee after you eat asperagus.
I believe it may be the smell of shame for their recriminations and quick judgements seeping through their pores.
Ah,how grand it is to be mykidsdad.
Wrapped in their loving warmth that seems to be melting the ice of feigned hearts.