One eyed pirate

Sailing through life with one eye opened does not make you a pirate.
But it does lend to bruises and major stumbling.
When one finally decides to commit to something it’s best to have clear motives. And a clear head.
However,like most people at one time or another, I have rashly and impetuously run head long into brick walls. I just did it with more abandon.
My story is no greater or worse than most. It is also far from over.
The reasons I get up in the morning are the same as yours. Pants on one leg at a time and all that.
But here’s something that sets me apart. I’m My kids Dad.
They,my kids have given me every reason to be there for them.
That means a great deal to me.
As kids with two families they’re subject to different ideas,standards and lessons.
The expectations put upon them increase exponentially.
And yet they have excelled at being remarkable,tolerant and loving.
I love watching and participating in their lives,I love being there to see them grow in both stature and knowledge. They make me proud.
They give me their love and trust.
Which is a wonderful gift. A gift not taken lightly.
A gift I could easily sacrifice if I were still out there chasing windmills.
My role is clear.
My beliefs are strong.
I have made my choice.
I stand firm.
And because of that I can continue to be the man they call Daddy.
It’s not a job,it’s not just a title.
It’s a way of life. And one that I’m grateful to have had the chance to pursue.
When it comes to my kids I don’t get to ride the fence. I curtail my selfishness. I set the best example I can and I’m rewarded for it 1000 fold.
I’m not a Dad because I pay child support and get them on the weekends. I’m a Dad because I love my kids,cherish the time we have together and try to better than I am today.
I’m a Dad because I don’t ever want to be anything less and I don’t need to be anything more.
Those are my priorities,they are my priorities. And together,as a family we have courage,we have hope,we have love,eyes open and all hands on deck.


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