Not Forgotten

No greater love..
Don’t tell me my job’s easy cause I’m just a Dad. Don’t tell me I’ll never love my kids as much as you.
Don’t tell me I’ll never understand because I didn’t carry my children for 9 months. Perhaps,but who carried you?
Doing laundry,and catching Hell cause it wasn’t folded right,cleaning up your vomit,cooking healthy meals,and hearing you complain about the smell as empty ice cream cartons piled up.
You must have forgotten those mornings when I ran to grab you a pillow to kneel on then holding your hair back as you knelt over the toilet.
I suppose you even forgot that morning at 4am when you woke me up crying because the antibiotics negated your birth control. It was me you looked at with a terrified and fatalistic look on your face when you asked me what you should do about It.
No my dear,my love is greater still.
Because here I stand,better than who I was.
… Able look into the faces of our children and see their hopes, my image staring back at me in their trusting eyes,hear it in their precious little voices as they sing and giggle in their dreams..
… And wonder who you see staring back at you when you look in the mirror